Ocean cloud- Our Impression Of Gentle Fluidity Silver By Maison Francis

Perfume Pattern
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Key notes: .Juniper, nutmeg, coriander, musk, amber, woods, vanilla

Fragrance Introduction: The fresh gin-and-tonic fizz of juniper berry dominates, followed closely by a spiced woody note that’s not quite as sharp as pine but still redolent of the cool, aromatic aroma of a coniferous forest. The coriander lends a metallic, peppery sheen to the woods that lifts the ashy greenness of the traditional fougère-like accord in the heart and modernizes it for the young professional we see this fitting to a T. Crisp, fresh, and with a certain champagne-like sparkle that connects the dots to its warmer, richer Gold counterpart.

We offer this perfume in two patterns:

Perfume Oil (Attar): Our embroidered glass bottle has a glass rod for your smoothest application. Best for your car, pocket, bag, purse, gym, or wherever you need to freshen up!

Perfume Spray: Our 50ml robust spray bottle is stylish and easy to use. It is made with EDP concentration so that it lasts longer.


Perfume oil (attar) concentration: 100%

Perfume spray concentration: 30 - 50 %