Key Notes: Lavender, Lime and Bergamot ,Sandalwood, Amber, Patchouli, Fruity Notes and Floral Notes, Woody Notes, Amber and Musk..

Attar Introduction: it is a combination of different excessive notes created with the warm love of emotions and care. The non-alcoholic effect of the attar/perfume makes it all perfect.

The glamorous connection of the top Green notes like oranges, citrus middle notes of jasmine, strawberry, base notes, orange blossom, amber notes, resin, musky effect, powdery notes, and sweet-vanilla complete the royalty of the attar and the deep warm effect of amber, musk will raise the quality of your personality.

Gender: unisex


  • Our Perfume oils have pleasing ingredients that smell different and are more natural on your skin. It develops very quickly on the skin and moisturizes it. They don't fade away as fast as perfume sprays and therefore possess the boon of longevity, because of the actual perfume elements and extracts.
  • Apply this beautiful essence to pulse points. It will react with your skin, and natural oils transforming into an exotic scent unique to you!
  • Our high quality perfume oils are imported from renowned companies of UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Europe.
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Packed in Y Fragrances elegant box along with the gift bag. It comes in an embroidered glass bottle with having glass rod, for your smoothest application.


Concentration: 100%